#52 Bella

There is nothing quite like having your own special ‘me time’ after a long busy day. Shut yourself away from the world (and your cell phone!) for an hour and pamper yourself. Light some candles, pop on some relaxing music and ease yourself into a hot bubble bath. Close your eyes and let your mind drift to happy dreams as the water soothes you. You deserve it!

  • Babydoll: ‘Bella’ by Ema’s Secret. Compatible with Maitreya, Belleza Freya and Slink Hourglass. 10 Shades available with a Bonus of 2 extra Shades in the Fat Pack. Available at the ‘Frou Frou‘ Event now!
  • Hair: ‘Labyrinth’ by Truth

#51 LOTD

I love to shop on the Weekends in Second Life and pick up the odd bargain. I’m absolutely loving this new outfit by Hilly Haalan. The vibe is very RL me! Even down to the boots 💋

#50 Willow

Maybe my hat says it all… YASS! Soul2Soul have opened up their ‘Rapids‘. Another beautiful, soul soothing region to explore (between the rentals). I spent some time sat adrift on a boat pondering where life is taking me. My real life is challenging right now. But in Second Life I am free from those burdens to sit and dream a while.

#49 Ruby

Even though it has been a particularly wet autumn day in my real world, you can always guarantee a dry fabulous one in Second Life! So this afternoon I ventured back to Luanes World to enjoy all the beautiful Autumnal hues.

  • Top: ‘Ruby’ Tied Vest Top by Aurora’s Closet. HUD set features 8 pretty shades with a leaf pattern, ideal when feeling those Autumn vibes! Compatible with Belleza, Slink, Tonic and Maitreya. Currently at a Special Price of 99L
  • Jeans: ‘Aria‘ Stylised Jeans by Blueberry. I am wearing the Cutiebootie Version.
  • Boots: ‘Kiruna‘ by KC Couture. HUD gives you an option of 50 shades!
  • Hair: ‘Caralisa‘ by Truth

#47 Hot For Teacher!

.•♫•♬• I got it bad, got it bad, got it bad. I’m hot for Teacher! •♬•♫•.

Been in a kinda 80’s classic rock vibe today and thought I would carry that feel into Second Life this evening. Who wouldn’t wanna be that teacher in the ‘Hot for Teacher’ video by Van Halen? David Lee Roth at his best. I miss those glam rock days of Poison, Whitesnake and so many others. So glad I was alive to live through it!

  • Outfit: ‘Sexy Teacher’ Dress by Ema’s Secret. I opted for the sheer version which is only available in the Fat Pack. Comes in 7 shades and compatible with Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya. Available at the ‘Whore Couture‘ Event from today!
  • Hair: ‘Elixir’ by Truth
  • Glasses: Nerd Glasses by Mad Mesh. An absolute steal at 9L on Marketplace!

#46 Tonal

Today’s venture took me to what looks like Mars! But then I am wearing the latest ‘Space Jacket’ by Treized Designs which inspired me to look to space today and see what was out there in the world of Second Life. Tonal is quite an intriguing place. Maybe that is their idea of life in the future maybe? Do you think human’s will ever inhabit Mars? I wonder if we will see a human on Mars in our life time? What do you think?