#124 Weekend Vibes

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Who else is feeling those weekend vibes? It feels like sooooo long since I was last at a beach. Still doesn’t feel like the right time yet in the real world to make that journey as my nearest beach is an hour away by train and also recently that same beach made the news when it was completely packed out during lockdown! I prefer the autumn time personally when beaches are quieter and I can walk all afternoon and enjoy the sound of the crashing waves and sea gulls trying to steal my chips lol! Have a wonderful weekend everyone ♥

  • Top: ‘Ellie’ Top by Muggleborn. This top is sooo cute! A perfect staple for your summer wardrobe. There are 42 Plain and Patterned Options on the HUD and if you felt a little cheeky like me, you can opt to flash those boobies!
  • Leggings: ‘Zury’ by Addams. Inworld Store Group Gift.
  • Flip Flops: ‘Malibu‘ by Aurora’s Closet. These Flip Flops come with a HUD featuring 24 pretty summer textures.
  • Hair: ‘Destiny’ by Truth in Brunette.

#116 Cloe

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a great weekend so far? With summer almost upon us I thought I would experience some Caribbean vibes at a new location in Second Life called ‘Dya’s Scent of the Caribbean‘. With Reggae playing in the background you can’t help but feel uplifted as you wander past the motels and various other buildings in the town as you head towards the beach. Lots of great places to relax or be romantic with a loved one.

  • Top: ‘Cloe’ by Ema’s Secret. This top is so cute and feminine. It is available in 8 pretty colours with an extra 2 in the Fat Pack. You can find this at the ‘Vanity Event‘ until the 8th June.
  • Pants: ‘Portia‘ Suit Pants by Addams
  • Shoes: ‘Odalis‘ by KC Couture
  • Hair: ‘Horizon’ by Truth

#77 19 Questions

I love to see people’s creativity in blogs and this week stumbled across the ’19 Questions Challenge’ in a fellow SL bloggers blog… so jumping right on that bandwagon here are my answers:

✿ What is your Blog Name and the meaning behind it? Answer: My Blog is called ‘Aurora’s Closet’ after my store in Second Life. Also I picked the name Aurora when I created this avatar as the name means ‘new beginning’.

✿ When did you start your Blog? Answer: March 2019

✿ How would you describe your Blog? Answer: I like to equally focus on Fashion and also Destinations in Second Life. I really hope to inspire people to explore as well as shop.

✿ When did you join Second Life and why did you join? Answer: Well my first avatar no longer exists. She was called Mandilena Andretti. I was just so completely baffled when I first joined that I deleted her and started all over again as Mandilena Loxely who is still my main avatar and nearly 10 and a half years old. Aurora came along after the break up of a relationship of a year inworld, hence the meaning ‘new beginning’. She was originally a place to hide away on, but I started tinkering on making clothing and before you knew it, I had a store. As for what bought me to Second Life in the first place. I had actually read about it in a book where the opening chapter was about a man who thought he was invincible because he was behaving in real life as he is in his second life and ultimately died! It made me curious.

✿ What inspired you to become a blogger? Answer: Second Life has inspired a creativeness in me, but I will literally create for hours and not actually do anything else. So I started blogging as a way to make myself take some time out to explore and then hopefully inspire others to go visit these amazing places too.

✿ How often do you post? Answer: It varies. I aim for a couple times a week because I am also creating for my own stores. I am also very selective of who I blog for so keep my sponsors to a minimum.

✿ What is your favourite thing to Blog and why? Answer: Well lets be honest, who doesn’t love the fashion in Second Life?! Even though I am completely tomboyish in the real world, in my Second Life I love to be more glam!

✿ Do you read other blogs and how often? Answer: Yes of course! I will generally browse over them 3 to 4 times a week.

✿ What strength do you have that has helped you as a Blogger? Answer: That is a hard one to answer. What i do find is when posting pictures here, the words tend to naturally flow. It may make me reflective of something in my real life I want to share, or just how amazed I am at a creation or place I want to share. Blogging makes me feel very open.

✿ How do you motivate yourself to stay fresh and active with your Blog? Answer: It actually feels more an extension of my creating in Second Life so I don’t need to motivate myself, it simply is something I find very relaxing and enjoyable to do. It’s part of my Second Life journey.

✿ What was the last thing you bought in Second Life? Answer: This gorgeous outfit in the picture above bought at Addams today. Full details in the list at the end.

✿ Which is your favourite sim for taking Blog pictures and why? Answer: I love visiting the Soul2Soul Regions. Each has it’s own flavour and charm and great lighting. I also really love Dreamers Island. The place is so vivid and bright and makes you feel summer even if it is freezing cold where I am in real life at the time lol. It also inspired me to make somewhere for people to visit and relax and take pictures, which is my Cat Cafe named after my real cat Tootsie. Sadly I can’t afford a whole region but i would love one to decorate one day.

✿ Do you have an alt? Answer: Yes I have 3 avatars all together but they are all very publicly linked to me as each has it’s own store. Mandilena Loxely makes Gestures, I make clothing as Aurora and recently started a Pose store on my other avatar SirenityFalls Resident. Yes i am a workaholic in Second Life. But it is a passion so I enjoy it.

✿ Would you say your avatar is an introvert or extrovert? Answer: Very much an Introvert!

✿ How do you feel about Second Life friendships and relationships? Answer: Oh my I could write a whole blog just on that topic lol! I have made some strong friendships around the world thanks to Second Life. People that actually check in on me more than people do in my actual real life. You can definitely develop a strong connection. I used to date in Second Life in my early years. The longest was a year and I was so in love. But, got badly burned and dragged into drama by others that could not resist stirring up trouble that also came between us. It was a lesson learned. If people start with drama these days, they are blocked. I don’t let myself get drawn in to be someone’s entertainment. I did actually marry once in Second Life too. Sadly it affected his real life marriage and he had to leave for good. Best to just be dating if you are single in the real world also. Giving your attention to someone online when you could be making the effort in your real life relationship to save it, well i know which option I would choose. These days dating is purely off limits as I remarried in Real Life in 2018 and am very happy. He is completely aware of my Second Life world and what it means to me so he will usually be in the same room gaming while I am Inworld.

✿ What is your guilty pleasure in Second Life? Answer: I think it would be making time to go see live singers.

✿ Where is your avatar right now? Answer: Standing idle in my work area in the sky above my store.

✿ What is the wackiest thing you have experienced in Second Life? Answer: I actually don’t have any that come to mind although I would always have crazy times with my Twinnie when she was online. She was always very good at drowning us in rowing boats! Sadly she is not inworld hardly ever now.

✿ What is the one thing you want people to know about your avatar and blog? Answer: The real me is very much how I am Inworld also. I am an observer until I open up enough to trust you. I try to always be kind, I am usually chatty and cheeky and a typical Brit that has sarcasm as her second language! I try to reflect that into my blog also. It is an extension of myself. I hope to attract a wider audience as time goes on and hope it inspires their own adventures Inworld.

🖤 Thanks for Reading 🖤

#64 Montmartre

I like to keep an eye on new locations for my blogging so I can bring you all some idea’s on exciting places to visit within Second Life. Although it wasn’t my intention to, I seem to have come back to another part of Paris tonight. It lures me even in Second Life!

This evening I discovered one of the most vibrant parts of the city, Montmartre. You arrive at Pigalle Metro Station and the walk up to the entrance is eerily familiar. Although this isn’t exact to the real life Montmarte, they have certainly done a very good interpretation of it. The stairs especially! Only in real life they are much steeper and there are more of them! I walked up them one time and felt I was dying by the time I reached the top! Thankfully these days I am wise enough to hop on the Funicular instead for an easy ride to the top. Sadly they do not have a replica of Sacre Coeur at the top which has the most beautiful view across the city. I usually head there for sunset when I am in Paris. There are area’s unfinished here and there so I feel this is a work in progress, but definitely worth a wander if you feel in the mood for some Parisian vibes.

#57 Morning Spice!

Happy Monday Everyone! But what a dreary day it is here in the South of England. Dark, Wet. Pretty damn miserable outside. Hard to find any cheer… but I do try! Sunshine is always guaranteed in the Second Life world so I hop over to Tootsie’s Cat Cafe for some ‘Witches Brew’ and a ponder to the day ahead. So let’s start the week with some positive vibes🌞

#39 LOTD

No Monday blues for me after taking a quick visit over to the Maldives Centara Island Resort. There is a beautiful spa and restaurant here if you fancy treating your loved one to a romantic date. Or if you really want to splash the cash there are also several beach cabins available, ideal for a weekend getaway.