#134 Mollie

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Yes! Autumn is here! My favourite season of the year. If you fancy something cute and quaint to visit Inworld this weekend, how about popping to the Autumn Cafe. Such a pretty long grassed meadow next to a river with autumn trees and beautiful areas dedicated to chill with your loved ones. There is also a gaming area tucked away in the corner if that is something you love to do within Second Life. This has to be the smallest cafe I have ever visited Inworld but soooo damn cute and beautifully decorated inside. Enjoy the rest of your Weekend everyone ♥.

  • Outfit: ‘Mollie’ Autumn Vibes by Aurora’s Closet. This outfit is perfect for sliding into Autumn with the cute knit Cami Top matched with skinny high waist jeans and Star Belt. Black Espadrilles are also included. The entire outfit is on a Weekend Sale for just 99L. Grab it while you can!!
  • Hair: ‘Solstice’ by Truth in Redhead

#125 My Purrfect Companion

Hiya Lovelies ♥ What better way to unwind than with that purr-fect companion. I have always been a cat lover and as I write this, my 14 year old boy Tootsie is curled up by my side. I’ve had a few cats in my life time and they all have such unique characters. Tootsie is the sweetest, most loving boy. Follows me everywhere. Was even massaging my arm padding me this week as I lay down at the start of a migraine with a heat wrap over my face. It is such a pure unconditional love.

I opened a Cat Cafe Inworld last year which a couple of months ago was completely updated and rebuilt. It is a labour of love in my virtual world that of course, is named after my cat. If you’re having a bad day, come pop on over and chill by the sea. I even have a man size teddy bear that gives the best hugs! There are several chill spots on the beach outside too. I am sure my cats will be happy to see you 😺.

#116 Cloe

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a great weekend so far? With summer almost upon us I thought I would experience some Caribbean vibes at a new location in Second Life called ‘Dya’s Scent of the Caribbean‘. With Reggae playing in the background you can’t help but feel uplifted as you wander past the motels and various other buildings in the town as you head towards the beach. Lots of great places to relax or be romantic with a loved one.

  • Top: ‘Cloe’ by Ema’s Secret. This top is so cute and feminine. It is available in 8 pretty colours with an extra 2 in the Fat Pack. You can find this at the ‘Vanity Event‘ until the 8th June.
  • Pants: ‘Portia‘ Suit Pants by Addams
  • Shoes: ‘Odalis‘ by KC Couture
  • Hair: ‘Horizon’ by Truth

#90 Lost Unicorn

Hello Lovelies. Hope you are all having a lovely chilled Weekend so far. I haven’t had any spare time for blogging in the past week as I have been prepping for some SL Events my store is part of this month. But today, I was blessed with some free time finally, yayyyyy! So I wanted to venture somewhere new and actually today’s destination came to me because i am obsessed with these Unicorn Sneakers! So I thought, I wonder if there are any Unicorn places within Second Life to explore. As it turned out there are many lol but ‘Lost Unicorn‘ just stood out among the choice available to me.

If you have any free time, I urge you to go visit this enchanting place! Soooo beautiful and there is so much to see! If you want to make it easy there are teleporters dotted around to choose your destination but for me the fun is in the discovery of places hidden away that you stumble upon. I definitely recommend the underwater world as a must see! Also, pop your speakers or headset on. The sounds of tropical birds and wildlife is so very soothing. I left myself there whilst making dinner just to listen to the sounds in the background.

  • Tank: ‘Lissie‘ by Hopes Creations. The HUD version features 20 Colours to choose from. The whole outfit fitted my Maitreya Lara Body perfectly with no need for even using Alpha Layers. So pretty and feminine.
  • Shorts: ‘Lissie‘ by Hopes Creations. Again I would recommend the HUD version so you have the complete Colour Palette. With Spring and Summer coming this outfit will be perfect to chill in.
  • Sneakers: ‘Lissie‘ by Hopes Creations. I am obsessed with these Sneakers! There is a choice of 45 textures for these Sneakers as well as 20 Laces and 20 Sole Textures. You can choose between the 20 shades that match the outfit above or there are some patterned styles too. The Unicorn is most definitely my favourite!
  • Hair: ‘Eternity’ by Truth. VIP Group Gift

#87 Lost Lagoon

Hiya Lovelies. I hope you are all having a great week so far. Today I discovered the ‘Lost Lagoon‘ in Second Life. I found it to be quite a thought provoking place. Although i saw lots of couples and families wandering around there, for me, i actually enjoyed the solitude. With the sepia skies and crashing waves, it felt almost hypnotic in the way it soothed me. There are many places to sit and ponder and just enjoy the ambience. If you like a bit of alone time to kinda calm your mind from a busy, hectic world, this is the place for you. After all that walking i found a perfect little place for a quick nap too.

#85 SaturYAY!

So what are you all doing with yourselves this weekend? This afternoon I discovered the most gorgeous place. Reminds me a lot of places i have visited around the Lake District here in England. I would definitely love a bit of glamping somewhere like this (no tents for me thank you very much! LOL). I rested a while on a cosy bed raft and was only disturbed when someone suddenly landed on me, with a very hasty ‘Sorry’ and off they went. I wonder if there is such a thing as that here in the real world and if there was, as long as it was well tied to the shore would you try it? There are many places to chillax (is that still a thing?) with friends here so if you have time, pop over to La Clef des Champs.

#83 Snow Falls

This weekend I am making the most of the snow in Second Life before everyone starts prepping for Spring. Snow Falls is one of the prettiest places to explore. It felt like I had arrived somewhere in Austria with the majestic snow capped mountains and icy lakes. There are a few residential homes here but plenty of places to walk and take in the gorgeous views. Makes me feel the need for snuggling under a blanket with a hot chocolate as i watch the snow drift slowly down around me. It really is picture perfect. If that was in the real world, take me there right now! I would be in heaven.

  • Dress: ‘Poppy‘ by Aurora’s Closet. My newest release. Hud Version features 16 shades or available separately. Compatible with Belleza, Slink and Maitreya.
  • Hair: ‘Shadow’ by Truth. VIP Gift.

#76 Noella

Am I the only one that wishes it would snow every Christmas? I guess it depends on where you are in the world. Perhaps you would rather be celebrating it on a hot Aussie beach? There is something about snow at Christmas time. It just makes the season that little bit more magical.

I hope to feature a few gorgeous winter regions here on the run up to Christmas. Even if we do not have snow currently where I live in the real world, I can still wander and dream within Second Life’s Winter realms.

Tonight’s walk ventured through the pretty winter village at Belvedere where you can even rent affordable homes and maybe make a surprise Winter vacation for a loved one for Christmas.

  • Dress: ‘Noella’ by Ema’s Secret. This super cute knit dress is available in 7 shades and compatible with Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Legacy and Maitreya. You can find it at at Flair For Event’s Winter Spirit Event on right now until 10th January 2020.
  • Boots: ‘Dasia‘ by KC Couture
  • Hair: ‘Caralisa‘ by Truth

#74 Mae

As I had dressed up fancy today I had planned to head to a ballroom, maybe sway to a few festive tunes. However along the way I found myself at Ville de Coeur and it literally felt like i had arrived on the French Riviera. All thoughts of ballrooms were lost as I was enchanted by this beautiful town. Now where did I leave the keys to my yacht LOL!

  • Dress: ‘Mae’ by Ema’s Secret. Available in 7 rich shades and compatible with Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass and Maitreya. You will find this at the Flair For Events ‘AnyBODY‘ Event on right now.
  • Hair: ‘Elixir’ by Truth
  • Jewellery: ‘Snowflake’ Jewellery Set by Hilly Haalan. Group Gift.

#72 Tootsie’s Cafe

This is exactly how you would likely find me in the Real World, chilling in a cosy cute sweater and jeans and unwinding my way into the weekend. I recently moved my Cat Cafe, named after my 14 year old Cat, Tootsie to a new location. You will even find a cute photo of him in the Cafe. I wanted to give the new look a very Lake District kinda vibe. Just a cute little hangout to chill with friends and Christmas munchies are waiting for you all to share. Enjoy my little labour of love. 😊

  • Hoodie: ‘Kitty Hoodie’ by Muggleborn. What’s not to love with this super cute Kitty design! There are 30 Shades on the HUD giving you multiple options as you can change the sleeves, hood and even the paws to whatever shades take your fancy. I am wearing it on Maitreya Lara.
  • Jeans: ‘Natalia‘ Flare Jeans by Blueberry in Dark Blue
  • Hair: ‘Elixir’ by Truth