#130 Tiffany

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Today I want to show you this gorgeous jumpsuit which is a new release by Ema’s Secret. It comes in 8 bold colours, my favourite was Red. So elegant! This would be perfect for a formal event especially. You will find this exclusively at the TLC Event Inworld until the 26th August. It is compatible with Alice, Freya, Hourglass, Legacy and Maitreya. Have a wonderful week everyone ♥

#123 Saint Barth Island

Hiya Lovelies ♥ How are you all doing out there? It’s been a while since I had a chance to take some time out and explore in Second Life. As always, I referred to the trusty destination guide to see what is new and Saint Barth Island caught my eye. This pretty rain forest retreat has several places you can wander and relax, watch out for the tigers though! The Island is a little dominated with rather expensive rentals so you do find yourself hitting a few security orbs as you wander around. With waves crashing in the bay, jungle sounds and birds chattering, it does make for a rather soothing place to chill though, especially if you like somewhere solitary to relax.

  • Top: ‘Ema’ Summer Top by Aurora’s Closet. The Fat Pack is Exclusive to the ‘Twelve‘ Event and features 8 bright, floral colours.
  • Shorts: ‘Yumi‘ Shorts by Blueberry.
  • Sandals: ‘Gina‘ Espadrilles with HUD by Aurora’s Closet. Honestly these are one of the best things I think I have ever made, maybe I am bias lol. I’ve been drawn to creating with a lot of floral textures recently and there are 8 pretty floral and 16 plain textures in this pack that would mix and match with most your summer wardrobes.
  • Hair: ‘Poetry’ by Truth. Recent VIP Gift.

#89 LOTD

If i wanna mix cute and chill with a little bit of sassy, this would be the look for me! I’m loving the Antisocial Jumper by PinkRayne that comes with 9 cheeky slogans and also 9 colours to suit your mood. I’ve matched it with some cute pants by Ema’s Secret that definitely emphasise the hips and booty area and finished the look with some super cute boots from my favourite shoe store KC Couture.

#87 Lost Lagoon

Hiya Lovelies. I hope you are all having a great week so far. Today I discovered the ‘Lost Lagoon‘ in Second Life. I found it to be quite a thought provoking place. Although i saw lots of couples and families wandering around there, for me, i actually enjoyed the solitude. With the sepia skies and crashing waves, it felt almost hypnotic in the way it soothed me. There are many places to sit and ponder and just enjoy the ambience. If you like a bit of alone time to kinda calm your mind from a busy, hectic world, this is the place for you. After all that walking i found a perfect little place for a quick nap too.

#74 Mae

As I had dressed up fancy today I had planned to head to a ballroom, maybe sway to a few festive tunes. However along the way I found myself at Ville de Coeur and it literally felt like i had arrived on the French Riviera. All thoughts of ballrooms were lost as I was enchanted by this beautiful town. Now where did I leave the keys to my yacht LOL!

  • Dress: ‘Mae’ by Ema’s Secret. Available in 7 rich shades and compatible with Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass and Maitreya. You will find this at the Flair For Events ‘AnyBODY‘ Event on right now.
  • Hair: ‘Elixir’ by Truth
  • Jewellery: ‘Snowflake’ Jewellery Set by Hilly Haalan. Group Gift.

#68 LOTD

I want to draw your attention to the 2nd Chance Event which is on Inworld right now where all the amazing designers are offering 50% off their recent releases. Please go check it out and support the amazing talent in Second Life.

  • Lingerie: ‘Becca‘ by Ema’s Secret. This pretty sheer lingerie comes in 3 shades with or without panties. Compatible with Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass and Maitreya
  • Hair: ‘Nylah‘ by Truth

#66 Christmas Already?!

Isn’t it amazing how quickly Christmas sneaks up on us? Although the shops like to start prompting us about it in October. As soon as Halloween has passed then they shift into full throttle.

I haven’t really celebrated Christmas much in the past couple of years. My Husband generally works on Christmas Day so we will at least cook a traditional roast and enjoy that together. I do pop up a tree but that is about the extent of our decorating as we live in rented accommodation that does not allow you to put anything up on the walls (boo!). I hope for the future we can buy a little place somewhere so then I can go to town each year and decorate to my hearts content.

Instead I enjoy the external decorations, pretty trees and strings of lights in the nearby shopping mall. Christmas carols playing while you browse the shops. Last Christmas I was still a newly wed recently back off Honeymoon. Walking through the Mall I suddenly heard Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ playing which had been our Wedding song and with all the festive lights twinkling around me, I could not help but smile as I walked on home.

#65 LOTD

I know, I knowwww Halloween has passed. But this was too cute not to feature as my look of the day. The “Evil Bunny Jerky Turkey Hunt” is on right NOW throughout November and you can grab this beauty at ‘After Midnight Fashion‘… just hunt for the orange feather. There is also a Male version included.

There are sooo many stores in the hunt, including mine. So go have some fun and grab some wonderful gifts from all those hardworking creators out there.

#54 LOTD

This pretty knit dress is simply PERFECT for the season and also smart enough to wear if you were heading out to a ballroom of dinner date.

  • Hair: ‘Shadow’ by Truth (VIP Gift)
  • Dress: ‘Iza’ by Ema’s Secret. Currently available at the Commotion Event in 8 shades plus Fatpack and compatible with Maitreya, Belleza Freya and Slink Hourglass

#41 I’m Blue

♫ daba dee daba daa ♫ maybe I am the only one who thinks of the Eiffel 65 song anytime some says ‘I’m blue’ lol. Can’t believe that song is like 20 years old already! But it is a fun upbeat song, just like this pretty rainbow dress that inspired to me go full rainbow with my look for the day. Happy Monday Everyone 💖

  • Dress: ‘Ladydress’ by Ema’s Secret. Available in 8 gorgeous Rainbow shades and is EXCLUSIVE to the AnyBODY Event starting on the 7th August. Compatible with Belleza Freya, Maitreya and Slink Hourglass.
  • Hair: ‘Tori’ by Truth. VIP Gift.