#123 Saint Barth Island

Hiya Lovelies ♥ How are you all doing out there? It’s been a while since I had a chance to take some time out and explore in Second Life. As always, I referred to the trusty destination guide to see what is new and Saint Barth Island caught my eye. This pretty rain forest retreat has several places you can wander and relax, watch out for the tigers though! The Island is a little dominated with rather expensive rentals so you do find yourself hitting a few security orbs as you wander around. With waves crashing in the bay, jungle sounds and birds chattering, it does make for a rather soothing place to chill though, especially if you like somewhere solitary to relax.

  • Top: ‘Ema’ Summer Top by Aurora’s Closet. The Fat Pack is Exclusive to the ‘Twelve‘ Event and features 8 bright, floral colours.
  • Shorts: ‘Yumi‘ Shorts by Blueberry.
  • Sandals: ‘Gina‘ Espadrilles with HUD by Aurora’s Closet. Honestly these are one of the best things I think I have ever made, maybe I am bias lol. I’ve been drawn to creating with a lot of floral textures recently and there are 8 pretty floral and 16 plain textures in this pack that would mix and match with most your summer wardrobes.
  • Hair: ‘Poetry’ by Truth. Recent VIP Gift.

#107 Forest Bathing

Hiya Lovelies ♥. Today I am bringing you something a little different. I want to feature this gorgeous Copper Bath Tub set amongst Gothic Ruins by Midnyte Creations. These are available individually and Exclusively at the ‘Dark Side’ Event throughout April. The Gothic Ruins 360° Photo Box makes for a gorgeous atmospheric backdrop and the Copper Tub comes with 15 Bento Poses along with wearable Lilies if you wish to cover up a little. Please stop by the ‘Dark Side‘ Event and see all the wonderful items available by dedicated creators.

  • Gothic Ruins in the Forest by Midnyte Creations. Available Exclusively at the ‘Dark Side‘ Event throughout April.
  • Copper Bath Tub with Bento Poses by Midnyte Creations. Available Exclusively at the ‘Dark Side‘ Event throughout April.