#133 Melyna

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Today I want to show you this fabulous new dress by Ema’s Secret. Chained on front and back, this is a dress to get you noticed! Panties are included. This would be perfect for the club scene in Second Life and is available exclusively to the Whore Couture Fair – Porn Edition from 1st September. It is available in 8 sexy shades but grab the Fat Pack for 4 extra! The dress fits my Maitreya body perfectly and will also work with Legacy, Alice, Freya and Hourglass. Wishing you all the best week, mwah! ♥

#126 Tania

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Here we are again, sliding into another week. I thought I would begin mine with a lovely peaceful walk through a park, relaxing to the sounds of birdsong and giggling children floating overhead in hot air balloons! Wishing you all a happy and safe week ahead ♥.

  • Romper: ‘Tania’ by Ema’s Secret. I love a Romper! So easy to throw on and look casually stylish on lazy days. This beauty is at the Flair For Events Summer Camp until the end of July. There are 8 pretty colours to choose from or 2 extra in the Fat Pack. My favourite is Grape!
  • Hair: ‘Delicate’ by Truth

#112 Summer Vibes

Hiya Lovelies ♥ I hope you are all doing well out there. This past month has been gorgeous here in the south of England which is typical when I am self isolating and can’t go out much to enjoy it lol! I am looking forward to when things are hopefully more settled in the summer and I can get my booty to the beach.

[NYNE] have just released the most gorgeous summer top and panties and I just know you guys will have fun with this as it comes with a strip HUD! It comes in 18 bold shades and the HUD version has 6 extra textures.

  • Outfit: ‘Undress Me’ Summer Top and Panties by [NYNE]. The HUD version is definitely worth the investment and you will find this right now at the Flair for Events : Think Sexy! Event throughout May.
  • Hair: Destiny by Truth in Brunette.

#103 [NYNE]

YAY for new Sponsor [NYNE]!! They make a wide range of products from clothing and hair to Event Booths and Apartments! I shall look forward to showing all you lovelies more in my future posts.

Today I slipped into this fab outfit with matching cross platform shoes that is currently available at the ‘Whore Couture‘ Event. By the way this event is HUGE so go with lots of lindens if you can! I am in love with these shiny shoes! I would likely live in these in my real world. This outfit feels super urban but also retains a girly edge to it. You can colour the sports top and panties to any shade you desire and can also adjust just how see through you want the top to be.

Today’s venture was to ‘Little World‘, a vibrant City with grimy streets, colourful graffiti and vibrant lights throughout china town. Pretty much a photographers dream! Go check it out.

  • Top: ‘Sports Top with Colour Picker HUD’ by [NYNE]
  • Jeans: ‘Unzipped Jeans’ in Rayon by [NYNE]. 8 Individual Shades to choose from (or buy them all!). Like the top, it has a Colour Picker HUD to adjust the panties to any shade you wish.
  • Shoes: ‘Cross Platform Shoes’ in Shiny Pink by [NYNE] There are 14 shades available in both shiny and non shiny finish.
  • Hair: ‘Destiny’ by Truth. Brunette Version.

#93 Flamingo Bay Beach

Another day, another beach! From the very Californian style beach yesterday to something a bit more familiar to me today, Flamingo Bay Beach. This feels like home to me, the British Seaside. Weather not always this glorious but when it is, we pack the shores in the summer months. My favourite time to visit beaches here is in the Autumn when some days you can literally be the only person walking on the sand. A wonderful way to unwind as thoughts drift in and out of your mind at random. I have always felt soothed by the sea, even when it is crazy stormy, there is some kind of exhilaration to watch the waves as they crash to the shore.

So if there are any fellow Brits here, where are your favourite beaches to visit in the UK? Every one has it’s own charm in one way or another from cute beach huts to overpriced deckchair hires lol. I think one of my most favourite beaches is in Tenby, Wales. Just massive stretches of sand and beautiful sunsets with the odd boat trip over to Caldey Island plus the Harbour surrounded by beautifully painted colourful homes. I am always drawn to Cornwall also, in particular, St Ives. I love the wonderful Porthmeor Beach where I have experience many a wondrous sunset. I’ve attached the webcam link if you wish to view it as I often do when I miss it. It is a truly beautiful place that I hope I live near one day.

  • Bodysuit: ‘Aiko’ by Ema’s Secret. If you love super cute things this is perfect for you! I couldn’t resist the Unicorn design but if you buy the Fat Pack you will be spoilt for choice between the six choices available. It fits my Maitreya Lara body perfectly. Still available at the ‘Crush‘ Event for a few more days.
  • Hair: ‘Destiny’ by Truth. New Release Out Now. I am wearing the Brunette Version.

#66 Christmas Already?!

Isn’t it amazing how quickly Christmas sneaks up on us? Although the shops like to start prompting us about it in October. As soon as Halloween has passed then they shift into full throttle.

I haven’t really celebrated Christmas much in the past couple of years. My Husband generally works on Christmas Day so we will at least cook a traditional roast and enjoy that together. I do pop up a tree but that is about the extent of our decorating as we live in rented accommodation that does not allow you to put anything up on the walls (boo!). I hope for the future we can buy a little place somewhere so then I can go to town each year and decorate to my hearts content.

Instead I enjoy the external decorations, pretty trees and strings of lights in the nearby shopping mall. Christmas carols playing while you browse the shops. Last Christmas I was still a newly wed recently back off Honeymoon. Walking through the Mall I suddenly heard Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ playing which had been our Wedding song and with all the festive lights twinkling around me, I could not help but smile as I walked on home.

#55 My Zombie and I

I think I am in the minority of people who really don’t understand Halloween. As a Brit, it isn’t really a huge thing in the UK compared to the US. Maybe it’s my memories of trick or treating as a child but living in the English countryside back then, I had to explain what it was at every house and a couple of people threatened to set their dogs on me! After ten homes I gave up and was even mentioned in the village newsletter the following month that trick or treating was a nuisance they would rather never happen again! So that is my earliest memory of Halloween 🎃

  • Outfit: ‘Ghost Bride’ Dress and Veil by Ema’s Secret. Clean and Dirty Versions Included. Compatible with Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass and Maitreya. Available at the ‘Dark Style’ Fair from today!
  • Hair: ‘Ginevra’ by Truth – VIP Gift
  • Shoes: ‘Daisy‘ Heels by KC Couture

#15 Vacay!

“Travel is an investment in yourself”

I love to be spontaneous, so a quick trip to the Sands of Time was just what I needed. This island is dominated by an intricate Persian style Palace surrounded by beautiful desert sands. I would recommend hoping down to the beautiful Majilis Beach and take in the lovely waterfall and ocean as you sit amongst the camels.

  • Shorts: Tropical Shorts by Ema’s Secret. Available at ‘AnyBODY by Flair For Events‘. There are six pretty, bold tropical designs available at a special price and are suitable for Ebody, Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, TMP & Tonic.
  • Top: Heva by [Gunshot]
  • Hair: ‘Cheri’ by Truth