#131 Peyton

Hiya Lovelies ♥ I hope you are all keeping safe and well out there. Today I want to show you this GORGEOUS ‘Peyton Playsuit’ by Hopes Creations. It is not available on Marketplace as of yet, but is at the Main Store. I am always quite fond of a Playsuit or Romper for chilling in as they look elegant but casual also. This fits my Maitreya Body like a glove and the HUD features both plain and striped options giving you a total of 40 options! The added sleeve is optional but I think looks better with it on personally. Go grab it today!! Also available for Alice, Ebody, Belleza, Slink, Tonic and Legacy.

I am also wearing the latest hair by Truth called Solstice in Redhead.

#127 LOTD

Hiya Lovelies ♥ It’s been an age since I did a ‘Look of the Day’ and today I have an absolute beauty for you!

Hopes Creations have just released this super cute outfit with absolute killer platform heels! I’m loving the laced up look on the heels. I am wearing this on the Maitreya Lara Body which has recently been updated. For ladies that don’t already know, you will need to increase your feet size to 25 to fit standard shoes on the 5.2 version of Lara. I am guessing this is because there is now the option for a Petite Maitreya Body.

There are 21 colour options on the top and skirt which can be mixed and matched anyway you choose and even more colour options with the shoes so you can play around and make yourself as bright and colourful as you wish to be.

Stay safe lovelies… until next time ♥.

#121 Little Santorini

Hiya Lovelies ♥ I thought it was about time I did some more exploring so as always, I head to Second Life’s Destination Guide for inspiration to see what is new out there.

So I ended up venturing to the Greek Island of Little Santorini. You can literally spend ages here working your way through the maze of pathways, plus many cute little villas and stores. I found it quite easy to keep finding dead ends and venture back on myself to find a path I had missed tucked away, but that is half the fun! The only thing I found a little shocking was the rental prices of the small villas. Yes they look authentic and are lovingly put together, but 1000L per day I just could not justify. If you just want to visit though, you will enjoy the beautiful shores and hidden gems along your journey.

  • Dress: ‘Imari‘ by Hopes Creations. This pretty sundress with optional C String comes with a generous 24 pretty summer shades on the HUD version and fitted my Maitreya Body beautifully. It was the ideal dress for a Greek adventure!
  • Shoes: ‘Imari‘ Heels by Hopes Creations. These are designed to match the pretty Sundress with 40 colours that can be used separately on the shoe, straps, bow and 5 shades for the sole to mix and match in many variations.
  • Hair: ‘Poetry’ by Truth. The latest VIP Gift and I totally LOVE this updo! I’m wearing it in a brunette shade but all colours are in this pack.

#109 Spring Vibes

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Oh my gosh it’s been a while. Despite being in self isolation right now, my days fly by so quickly! I hope you are all good out there in the world.

Well I may not be going out to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather in the real world right now, but I can enjoy some spring vibes in Second Life! Today I popped on the most super cuteeeee outfit, ‘Zariah’ by Hope’s Creations. There are optional Bunny Ears available if you want to theme it for Easter Time, but honestly this is so damn cute for any time of the year! You can remove the daisies if you wish but the option is there to colour them to match the Bodysuit which itself has a choice of 16 colours. The peep toe Boots have over 30 colours to pick from. Go spoil yourselves ladies ♥.

  • Bodysuit: ‘Zariah‘ by Hope’s Creations. This fits my Maitreya Body perfectly, no alpha needed.
  • Boots: ‘Zariah‘ by Hope’s Creations. The HUD version is worth the investment with 32 colours to chose from.
  • Bunny Ears: ‘Zariah‘ by Hope’s Creations. Resizable and 16 Colour choices you can mix and match with any outfit.
  • Hair: ‘Paradise’ by Truth in Red. Latest Release.

#105 Yasmin

Hiya Lovelies ♥. I hope you are all keeping safe and well out there in the world. So guess who is up in this middle of the night blogging lol… yup, this girl right here! As much as I try reign my sleep pattern in I think I have to admit defeat and accept that I will always be a night owl. There is something about the world being quiet at night that soothes me.

Being one of the many that are self isolating in the world right now, it is times like these especially that I am so glad to have a Second Life. It’s been a crazy few days creating inworld so I was glad of a break in the Italian Riviera at Soul2Soul’s wonderful Mediterranean Region. I took a walk along the peaceful harbour before finding a cute rooftop cafe where I could sit and take in the views. I am a huge fan of all the Soul2Soul regions and they are often my go to when I fancy a wander. I urge you to check it out.

  • Blouse: ‘Yasmin‘ by Hope’s Creations. This top is simple yet so feminine with it’s frilled sleeves that it is a good staple for your wardrobe to mix and match up your outfits. The HUD features 16 pretty shades to choose from. The whole outfit fits beautifully to my Maitreya Body.
  • Skirt: ‘Yasmin‘ by Hope’s Creations. This loose tiered skirt perfectly compliments the blouse and also comes with a HUD featuring 16 matching shades.
  • Shoes: ‘Yasmin‘ by Hope’s Creations. To complete the look are some gorgeous platform sandals with options to shade the shoes and straps separately.
  • Hair: ‘Penance’ by Stealthic in Red. New Release.

#90 Lost Unicorn

Hello Lovelies. Hope you are all having a lovely chilled Weekend so far. I haven’t had any spare time for blogging in the past week as I have been prepping for some SL Events my store is part of this month. But today, I was blessed with some free time finally, yayyyyy! So I wanted to venture somewhere new and actually today’s destination came to me because i am obsessed with these Unicorn Sneakers! So I thought, I wonder if there are any Unicorn places within Second Life to explore. As it turned out there are many lol but ‘Lost Unicorn‘ just stood out among the choice available to me.

If you have any free time, I urge you to go visit this enchanting place! Soooo beautiful and there is so much to see! If you want to make it easy there are teleporters dotted around to choose your destination but for me the fun is in the discovery of places hidden away that you stumble upon. I definitely recommend the underwater world as a must see! Also, pop your speakers or headset on. The sounds of tropical birds and wildlife is so very soothing. I left myself there whilst making dinner just to listen to the sounds in the background.

  • Tank: ‘Lissie‘ by Hopes Creations. The HUD version features 20 Colours to choose from. The whole outfit fitted my Maitreya Lara Body perfectly with no need for even using Alpha Layers. So pretty and feminine.
  • Shorts: ‘Lissie‘ by Hopes Creations. Again I would recommend the HUD version so you have the complete Colour Palette. With Spring and Summer coming this outfit will be perfect to chill in.
  • Sneakers: ‘Lissie‘ by Hopes Creations. I am obsessed with these Sneakers! There is a choice of 45 textures for these Sneakers as well as 20 Laces and 20 Sole Textures. You can choose between the 20 shades that match the outfit above or there are some patterned styles too. The Unicorn is most definitely my favourite!
  • Hair: ‘Eternity’ by Truth. VIP Group Gift

#84 LOTD

I thought I would kick into this New Year with a ‘Look of the Day’ and couldn’t resist sharing this gorgeous new Mini Dress and Boots from Hopes Creations. I am wearing it here on a Maitreya Lara body and it fits me perfectly! You can mix and match between 20 shades and the bows on the Boots elevate the whole outfit to feel very elegant indeed.

#82 Happy New Year!

🥳 Happy New Year! 🥳 and actually happy new decade! Whatever you did to celebrate this year, I hope you had a wonderful time. For me, mine was quiet but spent with those I love the most, my husband and cat… and that was simply enough for me. I’m not one for resolutions but I am feeling optimistic for the year ahead. I wish you all an amazing year of happiness and good health.

  • Outfit: ‘Lenae‘ Catsuit with Heels by Hopes Creations. This outfit is PERFECT for celebrations! I am wearing it on Maitreya Lara. Mix and Match between 20 shades and if you prefer to wear your own shoes, no problem! These ones detach from the outfit for just that reason.
  • Hair: ‘Natalie‘ by Truth

#81 Relax…Finally!

Ever wonder what Santa’s Elves would do once Christmas has passed and their work is done? I can imagine them kicking back, glass of wine in hand happy their busy season is done. Followed by a vacation somewhere hot! What do you think?

  • Outfit: ‘Holleigh‘ Xmas Elf in Red and Green. I am wearing both on Maitreya Lara Body. Hope Creations have made a selection of 12 Outfits in this range available in several seasonal shades perfect for the Holiday Season. Plus you can use them year after year so a good investment.
  • Hair: ‘Euphoria’ by Truth. VIP Gift.

#75 Grace

Something I have always enjoyed doing in my downtime in Second Life is seeing live singers or occasionally dress up and visit a ballroom. While most people seem to go to the big traffic places, I want to find something a little more unique and special. Today I found that in spades with the most magical, romantic venue I could only dream of finding. So much love has been put into this place because you can see it in the detail that has gone into it’s design. I urge you to go visit the Auster Winter Ballroom. They seem to be new, only recently opened so I joined the group to see what events will pop up here. There is also a skating rink but sadly I had to give that a miss in my heels!

  • Dress: ‘Grace‘ Evening Gown by [HC]. Available in 10 shades. I personally recommend the Fat Pack Version with 20 shades. I cannot express enough how STUNNING this formal dress is! As you move the dress has a subtle sequin twinkle effect all over which I have never seen on any dress before. This is an absolute must have for your formal wear closet! I am wearing it on the Maitreya Lara body.
  • Wrap: ‘Grace’ Stole by [HC]. Made to perfectly compliment the wonderful Evening Gown. Again I would completely recommend the Fat Pack with 20 Shades.
  • Shoes: ‘Grace Gem Heels‘ by [HC]. The perfect way to compliment your ensemble is with these classy heels. The Hud Version gives you 30 shades as well as options to change the Gems to compliment your dress shade of choice.
  • Hair: ‘Elixir’ by Truth