#122 Girls On Film

Hiya Lovelies ♥ This new dress ‘Cinthia’ by Ema’s Secret had me feeling super glam so I knew just the place to go to show it off! I went to a region that actually has been Inworld for years but doesn’t seem too busy these days. I like to pop back there now and then for a wander as it belongs to one of my favourite bands, Duran Duran! Years ago I was there when the actual John Taylor logged in for an hour to promote his autobiography which was very cool (and super lagged!). They also used to feature footage from SL at their RL Concerts I have been to. It is quite an eclectic place to look around and there is even a super cool underwater club you can enter through a green light on a boat. Spread over four regions, it is definitely worth a look.

  • Dress: ‘Cinthia’ by Ema’s Secret. Available in 8 Colours (Extra One in the Fat Pack) currently at the Vanity Event until 8th July. This would be ideal for a glam event such as a Wedding and fitted my Maitreya body perfectly.
  • Shoes: ‘Suami‘ by KC Couture.
  • Hair: ‘Poetry’ by Truth. The latest VIP Gift

#120 SL17B

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Most of you that know me as Aurora, also know that my Main Avatar for nearly 11 Years now is Mandilena Loxely. One of the best things that ever happened to me within Second Life happened recently. After 9 years being a Gesture Creator Inworld, I was accepted to be a part of SL17B hugeeee Birthday Celebration. I was absolutely thrilled, mostly because I had never seen them feature a Gesture Creator before so it was wonderful to shine a light for all the others who make Gestures as I think they are often overlooked.

In my 9 years of Gesture creating I have made close to 2000 Gestures now and I still really enjoy making them. I often get inspired by what I see in Second Life so there is everything from Sweet and Loving to complete Cheekiness and Sassy Attitude. I could only display PG or Moderate at this event but I really enjoy making cheeky Rude Gestures lol.

For this event I was up until dawn for six nights straight solidly making six brand new and exclusive sets for this event as well as a free set you can collect from the desk up front. This is honestly one of the proudest moments for me and I hope they will have me back again in future. If you want to pop down, I am right in the middle between two of my favourite stores, Blueberry and Addams (totally fangirling when I was setting up for this event!). I have everything reduced to 50% so if you love Gestures, go stock up now 💖 Click ‘here‘ to TP Inworld.

#117 Vive La Paris!

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Paris is one of my most favourite places in the world and holds many special memories for me. Being that I live near to London in the Real World, it is hard to resist sometimes popping there for a day on the Eurostar. I’ve been travelling there for over 20 years now. So it always makes me happy when I see a Paris region pop up in Second Life! ‘Vive La Paris‘ is worth a visit and has the most realistic version of the Eiffel Tower I have seen within Second Life so far. Now if someone can make it light up like the real one every hour on the hour I would be a seriously happy girl.

  • Jumper: ‘Kandi Sport Jumper‘ in Camo by ChicModa. I only discovered ChicModa recently and they have such gorgeous designs! I have not taken this Jumper off in 3 weeks now!! Just gorgeous and fits my Maitreya Body perfectly. I plan to go back and buy the other styles in this range very soon!
  • Sandals: ‘Skull Flats’ by Psycho Barbie. Originally a Hunt Gift but they are worth checking out Inworld.
  • Hair: ‘Paradise’ in Brunette by Truth

#109 Spring Vibes

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Oh my gosh it’s been a while. Despite being in self isolation right now, my days fly by so quickly! I hope you are all good out there in the world.

Well I may not be going out to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather in the real world right now, but I can enjoy some spring vibes in Second Life! Today I popped on the most super cuteeeee outfit, ‘Zariah’ by Hope’s Creations. There are optional Bunny Ears available if you want to theme it for Easter Time, but honestly this is so damn cute for any time of the year! You can remove the daisies if you wish but the option is there to colour them to match the Bodysuit which itself has a choice of 16 colours. The peep toe Boots have over 30 colours to pick from. Go spoil yourselves ladies ♥.

  • Bodysuit: ‘Zariah‘ by Hope’s Creations. This fits my Maitreya Body perfectly, no alpha needed.
  • Boots: ‘Zariah‘ by Hope’s Creations. The HUD version is worth the investment with 32 colours to chose from.
  • Bunny Ears: ‘Zariah‘ by Hope’s Creations. Resizable and 16 Colour choices you can mix and match with any outfit.
  • Hair: ‘Paradise’ by Truth in Red. Latest Release.

#93 Flamingo Bay Beach

Another day, another beach! From the very Californian style beach yesterday to something a bit more familiar to me today, Flamingo Bay Beach. This feels like home to me, the British Seaside. Weather not always this glorious but when it is, we pack the shores in the summer months. My favourite time to visit beaches here is in the Autumn when some days you can literally be the only person walking on the sand. A wonderful way to unwind as thoughts drift in and out of your mind at random. I have always felt soothed by the sea, even when it is crazy stormy, there is some kind of exhilaration to watch the waves as they crash to the shore.

So if there are any fellow Brits here, where are your favourite beaches to visit in the UK? Every one has it’s own charm in one way or another from cute beach huts to overpriced deckchair hires lol. I think one of my most favourite beaches is in Tenby, Wales. Just massive stretches of sand and beautiful sunsets with the odd boat trip over to Caldey Island plus the Harbour surrounded by beautifully painted colourful homes. I am always drawn to Cornwall also, in particular, St Ives. I love the wonderful Porthmeor Beach where I have experience many a wondrous sunset. I’ve attached the webcam link if you wish to view it as I often do when I miss it. It is a truly beautiful place that I hope I live near one day.

  • Bodysuit: ‘Aiko’ by Ema’s Secret. If you love super cute things this is perfect for you! I couldn’t resist the Unicorn design but if you buy the Fat Pack you will be spoilt for choice between the six choices available. It fits my Maitreya Lara body perfectly. Still available at the ‘Crush‘ Event for a few more days.
  • Hair: ‘Destiny’ by Truth. New Release Out Now. I am wearing the Brunette Version.

#91 Saint or Sinner?

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies. I hope you are all having a wonderful day however you choose to celebrate it (or not!).

So I thought today would be the perfect day to bring you something a little different. As you would expect, there are a lot of events going on Inworld right now geared around Valentine’s Day but this one is a little different. So the question is, do you consider yourself a Saint or Sinner? well look no further than the ‘Saints and Sinners’ Event running now until the end of February. The Red Cabins are all Sinners and the Blue ones are Saints. There is a huge variety of items here to tempt you to spend your hard earned lindens so please pop along and support all the hardworking creators. There are also gifts all around the Event worth grabbing also.

  • Outfit: ‘Evangeline’ In Red and White by Adorez. This outfit is Exclusive to the Event and I especially love the moving Bento wings! Quality made and you know you will get lots of use out of this for Events and Parties around the year so go grab it while you can. It fits my Maitreya Lara Body perfectly.
  • Hair: ‘Eternity’ by Truth. VIP Group Gift

#89 LOTD

If i wanna mix cute and chill with a little bit of sassy, this would be the look for me! I’m loving the Antisocial Jumper by PinkRayne that comes with 9 cheeky slogans and also 9 colours to suit your mood. I’ve matched it with some cute pants by Ema’s Secret that definitely emphasise the hips and booty area and finished the look with some super cute boots from my favourite shoe store KC Couture.

#84 LOTD

I thought I would kick into this New Year with a ‘Look of the Day’ and couldn’t resist sharing this gorgeous new Mini Dress and Boots from Hopes Creations. I am wearing it here on a Maitreya Lara body and it fits me perfectly! You can mix and match between 20 shades and the bows on the Boots elevate the whole outfit to feel very elegant indeed.

#83 Snow Falls

This weekend I am making the most of the snow in Second Life before everyone starts prepping for Spring. Snow Falls is one of the prettiest places to explore. It felt like I had arrived somewhere in Austria with the majestic snow capped mountains and icy lakes. There are a few residential homes here but plenty of places to walk and take in the gorgeous views. Makes me feel the need for snuggling under a blanket with a hot chocolate as i watch the snow drift slowly down around me. It really is picture perfect. If that was in the real world, take me there right now! I would be in heaven.

  • Dress: ‘Poppy‘ by Aurora’s Closet. My newest release. Hud Version features 16 shades or available separately. Compatible with Belleza, Slink and Maitreya.
  • Hair: ‘Shadow’ by Truth. VIP Gift.

#82 Happy New Year!

🥳 Happy New Year! 🥳 and actually happy new decade! Whatever you did to celebrate this year, I hope you had a wonderful time. For me, mine was quiet but spent with those I love the most, my husband and cat… and that was simply enough for me. I’m not one for resolutions but I am feeling optimistic for the year ahead. I wish you all an amazing year of happiness and good health.

  • Outfit: ‘Lenae‘ Catsuit with Heels by Hopes Creations. This outfit is PERFECT for celebrations! I am wearing it on Maitreya Lara. Mix and Match between 20 shades and if you prefer to wear your own shoes, no problem! These ones detach from the outfit for just that reason.
  • Hair: ‘Natalie‘ by Truth