#127 LOTD

Hiya Lovelies ♥ It’s been an age since I did a ‘Look of the Day’ and today I have an absolute beauty for you!

Hopes Creations have just released this super cute outfit with absolute killer platform heels! I’m loving the laced up look on the heels. I am wearing this on the Maitreya Lara Body which has recently been updated. For ladies that don’t already know, you will need to increase your feet size to 25 to fit standard shoes on the 5.2 version of Lara. I am guessing this is because there is now the option for a Petite Maitreya Body.

There are 21 colour options on the top and skirt which can be mixed and matched anyway you choose and even more colour options with the shoes so you can play around and make yourself as bright and colourful as you wish to be.

Stay safe lovelies… until next time ♥.

#110 Maelie

Hiya Lovelies ♥ I hope you are all doing well out there. Tonight I felt the need for a little chill time as my anxiety has been a little crappy the past couple of days with all this self isolation right now. Tonight I found a cute coffee bar and lounge with a Mediterranean vibe. Actually made me realise how much I am missing my visits to Costa right now! There are three in the town where I live but I like the smallest one best where I can sit and watch the world go by. I wonder how long we have to wait to return to the simplest pleasures in life right now. Stay safe, mwah ♥

#106 Galaxy

Hiya Lovelies ♥. Today I want to feature a new release by [NYNE] that is truly out of this world! Their gorgeous ‘Galaxy’ Dress truly is something to behold. I love the metallic look and shine to this dress. It is a real show stopper. Also super sexy with an open tied back to show off some sexy booty! I would match this with some thigh boots. You can make this more sheer if you prefer and the HUD gives you 18 colours to pick from as well as 6 exclusive ombre shades. You will find this at the Inworld Store.

  • Dress: ‘Galaxy’ by [NYNE]. I definitely recommend the HUD version purely for the Ombre shades, they are gorgeous! The dress fits my Maitreya Body perfectly.
  • Hair: ‘Penance’ by Stealthic in Red. New Release.

#105 Yasmin

Hiya Lovelies ♥. I hope you are all keeping safe and well out there in the world. So guess who is up in this middle of the night blogging lol… yup, this girl right here! As much as I try reign my sleep pattern in I think I have to admit defeat and accept that I will always be a night owl. There is something about the world being quiet at night that soothes me.

Being one of the many that are self isolating in the world right now, it is times like these especially that I am so glad to have a Second Life. It’s been a crazy few days creating inworld so I was glad of a break in the Italian Riviera at Soul2Soul’s wonderful Mediterranean Region. I took a walk along the peaceful harbour before finding a cute rooftop cafe where I could sit and take in the views. I am a huge fan of all the Soul2Soul regions and they are often my go to when I fancy a wander. I urge you to check it out.

  • Blouse: ‘Yasmin‘ by Hope’s Creations. This top is simple yet so feminine with it’s frilled sleeves that it is a good staple for your wardrobe to mix and match up your outfits. The HUD features 16 pretty shades to choose from. The whole outfit fits beautifully to my Maitreya Body.
  • Skirt: ‘Yasmin‘ by Hope’s Creations. This loose tiered skirt perfectly compliments the blouse and also comes with a HUD featuring 16 matching shades.
  • Shoes: ‘Yasmin‘ by Hope’s Creations. To complete the look are some gorgeous platform sandals with options to shade the shoes and straps separately.
  • Hair: ‘Penance’ by Stealthic in Red. New Release.

#67 Winter Sun

As i wandered around five beaches in Second Life this evening, I was surprised at just how quiet they were! Maybe everyone is feeling the Winter/Christmas vibes. Me… I want some sunshine! It is a very dark, bleak, cold and wet day in the South of England. I think our spirits always lift when we feel the warmth of the sun on our skin. So while I wandered i pondered just where I would like to be in the real world right now, feeling the sand between my toes on some beautiful tropical beach somewhere. Where would you go? Or where have you been that you would recommend? Feel free to comment below 🌞

  • Hair: ‘Intrepid‘ by Stealthic in Red
  • Bikini: ‘Brianna’ by Muggleborn. I cannot recommend this Bikini enough! Comes with a Style HUD with options to make it rather revealing or equally just wear as a classic string bikini. The texture HUD allows you to change each part of the bikini independently so you could really mix up your style and shades here. There are 30 colours from dark to pastel as well as 4 patterns and a few Pokemon for good measure!

#66 Christmas Already?!

Isn’t it amazing how quickly Christmas sneaks up on us? Although the shops like to start prompting us about it in October. As soon as Halloween has passed then they shift into full throttle.

I haven’t really celebrated Christmas much in the past couple of years. My Husband generally works on Christmas Day so we will at least cook a traditional roast and enjoy that together. I do pop up a tree but that is about the extent of our decorating as we live in rented accommodation that does not allow you to put anything up on the walls (boo!). I hope for the future we can buy a little place somewhere so then I can go to town each year and decorate to my hearts content.

Instead I enjoy the external decorations, pretty trees and strings of lights in the nearby shopping mall. Christmas carols playing while you browse the shops. Last Christmas I was still a newly wed recently back off Honeymoon. Walking through the Mall I suddenly heard Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ playing which had been our Wedding song and with all the festive lights twinkling around me, I could not help but smile as I walked on home.

#64 Montmartre

I like to keep an eye on new locations for my blogging so I can bring you all some idea’s on exciting places to visit within Second Life. Although it wasn’t my intention to, I seem to have come back to another part of Paris tonight. It lures me even in Second Life!

This evening I discovered one of the most vibrant parts of the city, Montmartre. You arrive at Pigalle Metro Station and the walk up to the entrance is eerily familiar. Although this isn’t exact to the real life Montmarte, they have certainly done a very good interpretation of it. The stairs especially! Only in real life they are much steeper and there are more of them! I walked up them one time and felt I was dying by the time I reached the top! Thankfully these days I am wise enough to hop on the Funicular instead for an easy ride to the top. Sadly they do not have a replica of Sacre Coeur at the top which has the most beautiful view across the city. I usually head there for sunset when I am in Paris. There are area’s unfinished here and there so I feel this is a work in progress, but definitely worth a wander if you feel in the mood for some Parisian vibes.