#121 Little Santorini

Hiya Lovelies ♥ I thought it was about time I did some more exploring so as always, I head to Second Life’s Destination Guide for inspiration to see what is new out there.

So I ended up venturing to the Greek Island of Little Santorini. You can literally spend ages here working your way through the maze of pathways, plus many cute little villas and stores. I found it quite easy to keep finding dead ends and venture back on myself to find a path I had missed tucked away, but that is half the fun! The only thing I found a little shocking was the rental prices of the small villas. Yes they look authentic and are lovingly put together, but 1000L per day I just could not justify. If you just want to visit though, you will enjoy the beautiful shores and hidden gems along your journey.

  • Dress: ‘Imari‘ by Hopes Creations. This pretty sundress with optional C String comes with a generous 24 pretty summer shades on the HUD version and fitted my Maitreya Body beautifully. It was the ideal dress for a Greek adventure!
  • Shoes: ‘Imari‘ Heels by Hopes Creations. These are designed to match the pretty Sundress with 40 colours that can be used separately on the shoe, straps, bow and 5 shades for the sole to mix and match in many variations.
  • Hair: ‘Poetry’ by Truth. The latest VIP Gift and I totally LOVE this updo! I’m wearing it in a brunette shade but all colours are in this pack.

#81 Relax…Finally!

Ever wonder what Santa’s Elves would do once Christmas has passed and their work is done? I can imagine them kicking back, glass of wine in hand happy their busy season is done. Followed by a vacation somewhere hot! What do you think?

  • Outfit: ‘Holleigh‘ Xmas Elf in Red and Green. I am wearing both on Maitreya Lara Body. Hope Creations have made a selection of 12 Outfits in this range available in several seasonal shades perfect for the Holiday Season. Plus you can use them year after year so a good investment.
  • Hair: ‘Euphoria’ by Truth. VIP Gift.

#80 Winter Sun

So Christmas has come and gone for another year. We are all still likely working through all the confections we were gifted and generally feeling lethargic… at least I know I am! I need some warmth and sunshine on a tropical beach somewhere to shake off the winter blues. There is just something about sitting in the sunshine, eyes closed. Feeling the warmth on our skin as the sound of gentle waves lap against a golden sandy beach soothing our souls. Sadly the nearest I can get to that is over at Dreamer’s Island in Second Life for now… but it’s a start.

  • Outfit: ‘Sexy Sport Romper’ by Ema’s Secret. Perfect for the Gym or Beach equally! I am wearing it on Maitreya Lara Body. It is available in 12 gorgeous shades plus there is a sheer version in the Fat Pack. Go grab this at the ‘2nd Chance’ Event on now.
  • Hair: ‘Eternity’ by Truth. Latest VIP Group Gift.

#25 Endless Sunset

I love to be by the sea, even the virtual reality kind! Today I came across this absolute beauty called ‘Endless Sunset‘ where I could happy sit for hours listening to the waves and watching the surfers. Or look like I am living my best life and pretend I own the yacht behind me 😉

  • Top: Tube Top in Sky by Aurora’s Closet for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Tonic, TMP and Classic Avatars
  • Skirt: Asian Skirt in Blue by Ema’s Secret. Fat Pack contains 6 shades that are compatible with Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, TMP & Ebody. You can find this beauty at the ‘AnyBody‘ Event on right now.
  • Hair: ‘Taren’ by Truth