#125 My Purrfect Companion

Hiya Lovelies ♥ What better way to unwind than with that purr-fect companion. I have always been a cat lover and as I write this, my 14 year old boy Tootsie is curled up by my side. I’ve had a few cats in my life time and they all have such unique characters. Tootsie is the sweetest, most loving boy. Follows me everywhere. Was even massaging my arm padding me this week as I lay down at the start of a migraine with a heat wrap over my face. It is such a pure unconditional love.

I opened a Cat Cafe Inworld last year which a couple of months ago was completely updated and rebuilt. It is a labour of love in my virtual world that of course, is named after my cat. If you’re having a bad day, come pop on over and chill by the sea. I even have a man size teddy bear that gives the best hugs! There are several chill spots on the beach outside too. I am sure my cats will be happy to see you 😺.

#58 Unconditional

If your looking for somewhere calming and awe inspiring, Unconditional is the place for you. I spent soooo long here wandering along desolate beaches, past a beautiful old lighthouse and along wooden walkways over grassy waters. Finding many hidden little places to sit and just enjoy the view while listening to the sounds of nature and the sea softly lapping onto the beach. Very tranquil. Somewhere to quiet your mind and just be at peace. Please go and see this incredible place.

  • Hair: ‘Kare’ by Truth – VIP Gift
  • Sweater: ‘Cheri‘ by Aurora’s Closet. Super Cosy and perfect for Fall. HUD includes 16 shades plus Gold and Silver Trim Options
  • Capris: ‘Amanda‘ by Aurora’s Closet. Only available in HUD version which includes 16 shades plus a Special Edition Rainbow Pocket version is also available
  • Shoes: ‘Sandy‘ by KC Couture