#128 Layla

Hiya Lovelies ♥ I’m channelling a dark, sexy vibe for the weekend! Ema’s Secret bought out these fabulous leather shorts that come in 6 bold shades, my favourite of course had to be black. They are currently available at the Sense Event until the 8th August so snap them up while you can and check out the other hard working designers while you are there. I teamed the shorts with a sexy black top by Casadel. So what is your look this weekend? Whatever you are doing, have a good one.

#124 Weekend Vibes

Hiya Lovelies ♥ Who else is feeling those weekend vibes? It feels like sooooo long since I was last at a beach. Still doesn’t feel like the right time yet in the real world to make that journey as my nearest beach is an hour away by train and also recently that same beach made the news when it was completely packed out during lockdown! I prefer the autumn time personally when beaches are quieter and I can walk all afternoon and enjoy the sound of the crashing waves and sea gulls trying to steal my chips lol! Have a wonderful weekend everyone ♥

  • Top: ‘Ellie’ Top by Muggleborn. This top is sooo cute! A perfect staple for your summer wardrobe. There are 42 Plain and Patterned Options on the HUD and if you felt a little cheeky like me, you can opt to flash those boobies!
  • Leggings: ‘Zury’ by Addams. Inworld Store Group Gift.
  • Flip Flops: ‘Malibu‘ by Aurora’s Closet. These Flip Flops come with a HUD featuring 24 pretty summer textures.
  • Hair: ‘Destiny’ by Truth in Brunette.

#115 Colby

Hiya Lovelies ♥ I hope you are all doing well? I can’t believe we are almost into June! Despite being in self isolation, I feel the weeks have zoomed past! But on the plus side, it is really nice to still be able to enjoy the virtual world in Second Life at least.

Today I want to share this super cute outfit by Hopes Creations. I’m always a fan of cropped jeans and these are sooo cute! I prefer mine dark, but there are some pretty summer colours available too. The top is classic in style but with a little added sexy, lotsa side boob! To complete the look are some pretty Sandals that can be mixed and matched to complete the outfit. It fits my Maitreya body beautifully. My perfect weekend look sorted! ♥

  • Top: ‘Colby’ Tabbard Fat Pack by Hopes Creations. The HUD features 20 pretty shades and would be perfect for the beach. You get noticed in this top. I had a couple of compliments whilst I was taking these pics for my blog!
  • Bottom: ‘Colby’ Capri Jeans by Hopes Creations. I LOVE these! With the HUD featuring 20 pretty colours they are worth the investment!
  • Sandals: ‘Colby’ Heels with HUD by Hopes Creations. You can texture each part of these heels to make them as colourful or as simple as you like. With 40 colours to play with these really would work with most outfits you already own.
  • Hair: ‘Ambience’ by Truth in Brunette.

#101 Oh La La!

Hiya Lovelies. This weekend I want to show you some of the most versatile lingerie I have found in Second Life. Muggleborn really do put their heart and soul into all their products, and it shows! ‘Leigh’ Lingerie is also perfect for those that may wish to cover up a little more. Not everything has to be in your face! The beautiful sheer frills make it feel very girly and the garters are optional. In fact you can wear as much or as little as you like with this set. The HUD features 30 plain and 8 patterned textures that can be mixed up anyway you like it. Go treat yourselves, you deserve it!

  • Lingerie: ‘Leigh’ by Muggleborn. This HUD set it worth every linden!
  • Hair: ‘Labyrinth’ by Truth.

#51 LOTD

I love to shop on the Weekends in Second Life and pick up the odd bargain. I’m absolutely loving this new outfit by Hilly Haalan. The vibe is very RL me! Even down to the boots 💋

#45 Soul2Soul Bay

YAY for the 3 day Weekend!! Where has this month gone! Soul2Soul are also celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of their first ever Region today, Soul2Soul Bay. So what better time than to kick off my long weekend with a refreshing walk around this truly beautiful haven. If you get a chance to pop there over the weekend, Minnie has kindly crafted some beautiful Palma Pots for her Group as a gift. Totally free to join. You will find them on arrival at the Bay. Long may Minnie and Boone bring us many more amazing Regions! Have a great weekend everyone. 🌞

  • Outfit: ‘Beach Babe’ by {Vision} in Nude
  • Hair: ‘Halona’ by Truth

#43 Soul2Soul Falls

Soul2Soul has definitely become one of my staple places to go when i want to unwind from creating or late at night to soothe my soul (literally) before i head to my bed. Each one of their regions brings a different vibe and for tonight I opted for the Falls. Truly a tranquil peace of heaven in Second Life. There is so much attention to detail, you can really feel the love that has been put into this haven. I’m sure i spot something new each time I visit. Just wandering along wooden pathways under an early evening ombre sky and listening to the falls as they slip towards the sea is almost hypnotic. I cannot recommend it enough.

  • Outfit: ‘Mimi’ Top Tied Dress by Blueberry. Group Gift. They truly have been very generous with this gift. 29 Plain Shades and 32 Patterns on the HUD that the options are endless! I couldn’t resist the cute Flamingo Print!
  • Hair: ‘Elixir’ by Truth

#38 Skylar

YAY for the weekend and time to go exploring! I just had to go see the new Soul2Soul Coast that was opened recently. Although it has four beautiful residential homes there, they have still left a lot of places open to the public to explore and it is breathtaking!! If i ever get back to owning a sim or homestead in the future I am so going to hire them to make me a slice of heaven like this! Go see it, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Outfit: Skylar Ladies Outfit by Aurora’s Closet. Special Tropical Edition exclusive to the ‘UP Hashtag Summer Event‘ from 1st-15th August. Compatible with Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, Tonic and Ebody.
  • Hair: Kare by Truth. VIP Group Gift.
  • Footwear: Rio Flip Flops by KC Couture

#37 Night In

“No one is you, and that is your power”

Weekends don’t always have to mean going out and painting the town red. Sometimes a bit of ‘me’ time is needed to unwind after a long hard week.

  • Lingerie: ‘Natalia’ by {Vision}. Compatible with Maitreya, Slink and Belleza.
  • Hair: ‘Halona’ by Truth

#36 Valery

“Wanderlust isn’t about running away from it all. It’s about experiencing the outside to discover the inside”

What better way to start the weekend than with a truly beautiful walk in the countryside. Fresh air, stunning views, bright & beautiful flowers swaying in a soft breeze. Pure Bliss!

  • Outfit: ‘Valery’ by Ema’s Secret. This is an all-in-one outfit in 10 vibrant shades for Belleza Freya, Maitreya and Slink Hourglass. You can find this at the ‘2nd Chance‘ Event with 50% off until the end of July.
  • Hair: ‘Natalie’ by Truth
  • Shoes: ‘Erin’ by KC Couture